Columbus Civil Rights Attorney

Columbus Civil Rights Attorney

Sadly, civil rights violations regularly show up in our everyday lives: police officers who engage in excessive use of force, individuals who are discriminated against at work or elsewhere, innocent citizens who are arrested and subject to unlawful arrest and wrongful convictions, etc. Civil rights attorneys act as advocates for those whose rights have been violated and are knowledgeable about constitutional rights and what actions violate them.

Marshall, Forman & Schlein’s experienced civil rights lawyers are located in Columbus, Ohio, and are dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of our clients.  

Discrimination and Retaliation

Discrimination based on several protected characteristics – age, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation – is rampant in our world today. Discrimination can come from our employers, landlords, the government, and more – and all of it is wrong. If you have been discriminated against, speaking with an experienced civil rights attorney to discuss potential next steps can be helpful.  

Police Abuse

Unreasonable search and seizure and police brutality are, sadly, a reality for many of our citizens. Yet more and more police officers are being found guilty of civil rights violations for their conduct every day in connection with several actions, such as repeatedly using pepper spray and striking victims while they are in custody, restrained, and not posing a threat. Officers who fail to prevent these heinous crimes can also be held accountable for willfully failing to intervene and prevent the abusive officer’s conduct, knowing that they are using unreasonable force and failing to do something to stop it, even when they have the opportunity to do so.

For example, recently, here in Columbus, while the jury deliberated, the city reached a settlement deal to pay $440,000 to settle a civil lawsuit against a police officer accused of using excessive force during an arrest of an unpaid traffic ticket.  

Wrongful Conviction

Anyone who has undergone a wrongful conviction and imprisonment can file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and county. Many spend decades in prison before the right evidence or opportunity presents itself to reverse a wrongful conviction. Certain circumstances can warrant convictions being overturned, including serious flaws in the prosecution, sometimes linked to witness identifications, faulty hair or DNA analysis, and more, at times indicating that the police were determined to pin the crime on one particular individual, regardless of what the evidence and investigation indicated. 

Assault and Hate Crimes

Assault and associated crimes committed in a number of contexts can give rise to civil rights lawsuits when it comes to you and your loved ones under the care of a government representative or in a government institution; for example, assault committed by correctional officers, police officers, crimes committed in psychiatric wards and prisons that result in injury or death, etc.


Civil rights violations can show up in some contexts, such as:

  • School closures arguably violate citizens’ rights to education, due process, equal protection, and the rights of disabled children in some circumstances
  • Government Executive Orders can sometimes violate the free exercise of religion
  • Business shutdowns can sometimes be unconstitutional
  • Violating individuals’ rights to free speech and assembly
  • Violating our right to petition the government

Columbus, Ohio Civil Rights Attorneys

If you or a loved one is concerned about a civil rights violation here in Columbus, contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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