Contract Review Attorneys Chillicothe

Contract Review Attorneys Chillicothe

It is always an exciting time when you are offered a job. However, if your new employer has asked you to sign an employment agreement, you should never sign it until you have fully read and understood it. The chances are that the employment agreement is fair and does not infringe on your rights. Still, it is important to make sure that is the case so that you are not caught by surprise when there is a dispute with your employer. If your employer has asked you to sign a contract, do not do so until you have spoken to a contract review attorney in Chillicothe.

Are Employment Agreements Enforceable?

If you enter into an employment agreement and a dispute with your employer arises, you may have to go to court to settle the matter. A judge will review the employment contract and determine if it is enforceable. A contract is enforceable if it meets the following requirements:

  • It is specific: Contracts that contain vague language are generally not enforced by the court. A contract must specifically outline the duties of every party entering into the agreement.
  • Exchange of goods or services: Anyone who enters into a contract must be willing to provide something of value in exchange for something else of equal value. In an employment agreement, the worker agrees to work for the employer in exchange for pay.
  • Mutuality: All parties that enter into a contract must agree to the terms at the same time. 

A contract review attorney in Chillicothe can determine if a contract is fair, and if the courts will deem it enforceable.

What Can an Employment Agreement Include?

There are many different provisions that are commonly included in employment agreements. These include:

  • Salary and benefits: Perhaps the most important aspect for employees, at least at first, is the salary outlined in the agreement, as well as any benefits they will receive.
  • Non-compete clauses: Non-compete clauses are generally enforceable in Chillicothe, but they must be reasonable. Non-compete clauses prevent employees from working for a competitor, or starting a competing business, for a certain period of time.
  • Dates: Employment agreements should always include the start and end dates of employment, as this can help protect employees against wrongful termination.
  • Termination clauses: Ohio is an at-will employment state, meaning employers can hire and fire employees for any reason and at any time. This generally does not apply to contracted employees, so it is critical to ensure the agreement includes specific reasons for termination.

Before signing any agreement, it is important to allow a contract review attorney in Chillicothe to review it and ensure it is fair.

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