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If you are affected by sexual harassment in the workplace, then your rights have been breached. Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination when it creates a hostile work environment, interferes with your ability to perform your job, or affects any employment-related matter, such as your wage or your ability to secure a promotion.

If you are being sexually harassed in Lancaster, you should take action to end the harassment and seek remedy for any losses you have incurred. At the offices of Marshall & Forman, LLC, our experienced Lancaster sexual harassment attorneys are capable of providing you with competent legal representation during the process.

What Is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Sexual harassment can refer to a number of different actions that may be verbal, physical, or visual. For example, making a sexual advance, requesting a sexual favor (whether in return for something, such as a promotion, or not), making inappropriate sexual references and comments, and making derogatory remarks about someone based on their sex are all types of sexual harassment.

What You Should Do if Sexual Harassment Is Occurring

If you are being sexually harassed at work, the first thing that you should do is tell the harasser to stop harassing you, and report the harassment to a supervisor or manager. You should also immediately document any acts of sexual harassment, as well as the fact that you have reported the harassment to a supervisor. If the harassment continues, it is essential that you thoroughly document it.

If harassment does not end after being reported, or if you are a victim of retaliation (i.e. because you reported the harassment, you are put on probation at work), you should immediately contact an experienced Lancaster sexual harassment attorney who can help you to prepare a charge of discrimination to file with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

What Happens After Filing a Charge of Discrimination

After you file a charge of discrimination, the OCRC or EEOC will investigate the harassment. The commission is responsible for determining whether or not sexual harassment and sexual discrimination took place, and if so, what can be done to remedy the situation.

If the problem is not resolved, you have a right to file a lawsuit. You should not initiate a lawsuit without speaking with an attorney first.

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Workplace sexual harassment cases can be difficult to navigate; proving sexual harassment/sexual discrimination can be very difficult to do. At the law offices of Marshall & Forman, LLC, our passionate Lancaster sexual harassment attorneys will help you to seek justice and recompense, including punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and compensatory damages when applicable. To schedule your free consultation, contact our offices today. It is important that you move quickly to preserve your right to action.