Newark Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Newark Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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Discrimination takes place in many forms. One type of discrimination that occurs in the workplace, and that can severely affect a work environment and a person’s work performance, is sexual harassment. Under federal and state civil laws, sexual discrimination–and therefore, sexual harassment–is prohibited. If you have been affected by sexual harassment in the workplace, our experienced Newark sexual harassment attorneys at the offices of Marshall Forman & Schlein LLC will work hard to protect your rights.

Remedies When Sexual Harassment Occurs

As explained by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the goal of the EEOC when harassment occurs is to restore the victim of discrimination to the same position that they would have been in had harassment not occurred. For example, if a woman was denied a promotion that she was qualified for and would have secured but for her noncompliance with a sexual request from her superior, one potential remedy would be to promote her. However, this type of remedy is not always possible for a number of reasons, including that that the victim may be so traumatized by the harassment that returning to the same place of work is impossible.

In addition to the above, compensatory and punitive damages may also be available. Compensatory damages are out-of-pocket costs and emotional harm suffered. For example, a victim of harassment may require psychological care following the incident, and should be compensated for this expense. Punitive damages are designed to punish the offender.

How a Newark Sexual Harassment Attorney Can Help You

If you are being sexually harassed in the workplace, you need to take action immediately. It is important that you keep thorough notes of the harassment and how the harassment affects your job, your ability to perform your job, or the work environment. In all cases, you must file your charge of discrimination within six months of the incident.

Calling an experienced Newark sexual harassment attorney is a smart decision. An attorney will help you to understand your options and rights under state and federal laws, and guide you through the process of filing a charge of discrimination. You may also have grounds for filing a lawsuit and seeking damages through the civil court system.

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is not tolerable, and should not go unreported. If you have been affected by sexual harassment and believe that sexual discrimination has occurred, you have the right to report the discrimination and seek remedy without being retaliated against. At the law firm of Marshall Forman & Schlein LLC, our talented Newark sexual harassment lawyers are here to ensure that your state and federal civil rights are protected. For a free consultation with our law firm, call us today or send us a message through our website today.

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