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Discrimination in the Hiring Process: Five Red Flags

Discrimination in the Hiring Process: Five Red Flags

When you get a job interview, you may be focused on getting the employer to hire you. You may need a job to pay bills and debt. We all desire a steady paycheck, but you need to make sure you are evaluating the company where you are interviewing.

Not all companies are created equally. Some are disrespectful to employees. Many engage in discrimination and only want certain types of workers. No matter how badly you need money, you should not put up with this behavior. 

Could the company you are interviewing with be actively engaging in discrimination? Here are some warning signs.

  • High Turnover

If a company is so great, then why are people leaving all the time? High turnover is never a good sign. Employees should want to stay with the company. A company that seems to be a revolving door could be hiding a sinister secret, such as discrimination and harassment. 

  • No Explanation About Job Openings

As a job applicant, you may wonder why a certain job is available. Is the company growing? Are people leaving due to the job environment? A company should be happy to talk about growth. If you are not getting a straight answer about why there is a job opening, then it could be because of harassment or workplace bullying.

  • The Company is Disrespectful

If the company seems interested in you at first but then changes their tune once they meet you, then it may be because of discrimination. Maybe they were not expecting someone of color. Perhaps they think you are too old. If the company is making racist jokes or is suddenly ignoring you, it could be discrimination.

  • The Employees Seem Unhappy

If you walk in an office for an interview and see desks with somber employees, take note. There must be a reason why everyone is so unhappy. It could be a mean boss with high expectations. It could also be bullying, harassment, and discrimination. Take this seriously because this serves as a preview of what life will be like if you decide to work for that company.

  • The Company Has a Bad Reputation

Before you accept an interview, do some sleuthing online. Find out more about the company. Go on a site such as Glassdoor and look at reviews. Are they almost all bad? What do employees complain about? Look for trends. If not many people are happy, then the company might have a reputation for discrimination or some other illegal activity.  

Contact a Discrimination Attorney in Ohio

Discrimination can happen at any point in the employment process—even during a job interview. If you have experienced any of the red flags listed above, do not work for that company.  File a legal claim instead.

Contact the Ohio discrimination attorneys at Marshall Forman & Schlein for help with your employment case. We can assess your situation and advise you of the next steps. Schedule a consultation by calling (614) 463-9790 or filling out the online form.

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