Employment Contract Review by an Employment Attorney

Too often, people can be so excited about a new job that they may sign an employment contract without first getting it reviewed by an employment attorney. Some people do not read their employment contract before signing on the dotted line. Both are big mistakes. When you do not read the contract or have a lawyer review it for you, you could be signing away important rights, which could affect you for years and interfere with future career opportunities.

Contract form on table with glasses and pen, for contract review contact a Columbus employment lawyer.

If you have been offered a job and received an employment contract, call an Ohio employment attorney who can review your contract and determine if it includes any of the cautionary signs below.

Items That are Not Included 

Sometimes when a job applicant is offered a job, an employer will provide the potential employee with a written employment agreement and may make verbal promises to entice the candidate into taking the job. A written Agreement, and in rare circumstances, a verbal agreement, may create a binding contract. However, in most cases, if verbal details are not included in a written contract, the employer will usually have no legal obligation to honor verbal promises made, particularly if they are not required by federal or state employment laws. 

A lawyer will fully review your employment contract and discuss conversations that you and the potential employer had. If there were promises made that are not included in your contract, an employment lawyer may be able to negotiate with the employer to include those terms in the contract. 

Negotiating Salary

After you sign an employment contract, it is legally binding and you will have little, if any, chance to change the terms it contains. As a result, if you think your education, background, and skills are worth more than what the contract states you will be paid, the time to negotiate for a better salary is before you sign the contract. Prior to signing, you should review your employment contract, salary, and benefits offered and compare this to the salary and benefits packages offered by other companies for comparable jobs. The internet can be a valuable source of information for research on the job market and comparable jobs.

Beware of Non-Compete Clauses

Ohio recognizes and upholds reasonable non-compete clauses. Again, sometimes people are so excited that they have been offered a job that they do not consider that in the future they may want to work for another company in the same industry or start their own business if the new position doesn’t work out for whatever reason. A few years or even months down the road, though, they may have an idea for a business or be offered a better job and want to change positions. Unfortunately, only then do they realize that a non-compete clause prevents them from doing so and at that point, it’s usually too late. An employment lawyer will look for non-compete clauses in the employment agreement and advise whether or not they appear to be reasonable If you’ve already signed a non-compete agreement, an employment attorney may be able to help negotiate its terms with an employer to prevent a violation. 

Our Ohio Employment Lawyers can Review Your Contract

If you have been offered a job and your new place of employment is asking you to sign an employment contract, we suggest that you do not sign anything until our Columbus employment lawyers have reviewed it. At Marshall Forman & Schlein, LLC, we know what to look for in employment contracts, and can help protect you from what employers leave out, or try to include. Before signing on the dotted line, call us or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys.