Lee Bell

He settled a personal injury case for me for a $15000 settlement. My injuries were debilitating


The staff at this firm are incredibly kind! They also got back to me very quickly which I appreciated! Helen Robinson was absolutely wonderful and incredibly professional! She was clear and concise and answered every question I had with honesty. She made sure to explain everything in a way I could understand. She definitely made the process very easy for me!


My partner and I had worked together at a company that caused us many problems. Helen was very insightful and offered a solution to our unique problem. Everything went smoothly with Helen guiding us and the situation and we are beyond pleased with the results. We highly recommend her!


I got fantastic help from Maddie Rettig. I wish I could explain how great she was.

Rev. Clarressa T.

The staff at this firm are incredible. They want to know your story but, more than that, they want to know you. They get to know your heart and spirit so that they can serve you personally and effectively. My experience was refreshing and I felt cared for. Their work is outstanding. I am so grateful.


Would highly recommend Maddie Rettig! Very knowledgeable of all laws and regulations. She kept me informed every step of the way and was very transparent about what was going on. Very pleased customer and would refer anyone I know who needs legal counsel to Maddie!


John Marshall is a very skilled and competent attorney. I am very thankful for his professionalism, knowledge and guidance in dealing with a very difficult situation. John Marshall is someone I would highly recommend for any employment and civil rights needs.


I know, I put 5 stars on everything regarding Edward’s evaluation and it seems unrealistic, but, believe me!- when you don’t know whom to turn to, who can help you, and being pushed around from one attorney to another,- it is extremely satisfying to just get a moment of a feeling at some point, that ..someone didn’t abandon you and gave you his hand of help. Attorneys have this great responsibility for people’s lives! We rely on them to help us when we need help most! It sounds very cheesy, but I’m grateful to God, that Edward contacted me regarding my case. I was lost in a mess of searching for an attorney. Communication was great: updates, timely emails, calls.. Professionalism was great too. He was very respectful while discussing sensitive topics with me. Very, very pleased. Thank you.


Sam was my lawyer in a case where my employer harassed me and violated my FMLA rights. I recommend Sam because of course I won the case and got everything I wanted, but most importantly Sam will fight for you. He treated me with the highest level of respect. Sam is very smart. He is not intimidated by the dirty games employers play. Sam is honest and will never lead you down the wrong path.


Helen was excellent to work my case. She understood the circumstances and was very patient. She always kept me up to date on everything. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a similar case. Marshall Forman & Schlein LLC helped me get through a very tough situation. Very professional and very satisfied with the service they provided for me.


Sam is very experienced and worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf. He kept me updated every step of the way and is very kind. He gives you accurate information without sugarcoating anything. He is the best! Thanks sam


The amazing work and commitment that is this law firm.


John really did a great job listening to what my needs were and offered a variety of solutions. I have no doubt he will do that for you too.


I was a previous client of Ed and have been exceedingly impressed with his skills and knowledge as an attorney. He is very hard-working, returns your calls/emails immediately, and is also very knowledgeable on all legal matters. He is also very kind and compassionate toward his clients. I have had such unfortunate circumstances in my life and I can easily say that Ed has gone above and beyond to guide me, listen carefully to my circumstances, and thoroughly explain the available options. Just like the other reviewer, I am very grateful to have Ed as my attorney. I was referred to Ed by my neighbor at the time who was a law professor. He provided excellent reviews regarding Ed’s abilities and knowledge and I could not agree more with him. I am very thankful for that recommendation and I also highly recommend him here to other prospective clients. I am so grateful to Ed for being so diligent, hard-working, and compassionate in dealing with my situation. I cannot thank him enough for going above and beyond to help me. I assure you that you will be equally impressed with his abilities. He is undoubtedly the best attorney I have ever met!


I was terminated from my employer on June 1. I filed for unemployment and was denied by ODJFS based on statements from said employer. Needless to say, I hired Sam as my attorney and he was able to get me the unemployment benefits and the hearing officer ruled in my favor in doing so, but also made the ruling based on past employer not having “Just cause”. Had to admire the way he prepared me for the phone hearing and how the case was handled. Thank you very much Sam!!


Ed Forman was recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance when I was going through a difficult situation, and I never anticipated meeting an attorney who was such a genuine advocate for me. Ed worked on my case in a way that I imagine someone would fight for a family member. He knew my situation inside and out, came to know me as a person, presented options for how to proceed, and was exceptional at following through and following up. He cared about taking the case as far as it needed to go, no matter how much extra time it meant. He is someone who fights for what is right and who also cared about my well being. Ed still follows up with me even though the case is over. He cares about the people he helps. He’s an intelligent, diligent attorney who uses his knowledge to make this world a better place.


During a difficult time, Helen provided the much needed empathy and guidance to help navigate job loss. She not only provided legal guidance but also provided great emotional support. She was warm and welcoming during a time when I felt like I had become persona non grata in my professional life at no fault of my own. Thank you Helen and I would absolutely recommend her for both her legal and emotional understanding.

Highly Recommend

John Marshall came very highly recommended to me when I needed the services of an employment lawyer. I had already known of his stellar reputation in this field. I can attest to the fact he totally lives up to this reputation. He surpassed all of my expectations. Drawing on his many years of legal experience, he provided sound, practical advice, and helped me navigate the process in a professional, thoughtful, and compassionate way. I felt so fortunate to have John as my advocate. He was always very approachable and tremendously responsive to my questions. He moved the process along in an extremely timely fashion, and the matter was successfully resolved. I am immeasurably grateful for the guidance John provided throughout the process. I would very highly recommend John to anyone.


Sam is a terrific attorney who has helped me and my firm navigate employment law issues. He sees potential problem areas in advance and provides wise counsel and language to help you succeed. He is also incredibly responsive, even interrupting his vacation to review time-sensitive documents with me.


Helen provided excellent legal guidance and was exceedingly patient answering my many questions. Her professionalism and emotional support helped me through a difficult housing discrimination case and I would highly recommend her.


I was facing potential litigation with regard to a contract dispute with a company I previously represented. Sam reviewed my case and laid out a game plan. He provided extraordinary guidance during the process, and I was able to settle the case.

I was very pleased with the work he performed and would not hesitate to call on him again if needed.


I would highly recommend Helen Robinson. She was able to work with my tight time frame and provided trusted work that helped me make a big career decision. She answered all of my questions and made sure she looked out for my best interest. I will surely work with her again for any future needs.


I am in tears of gratitude as I think about the treatment I received from Helen and the associates at Marshall Forman & Schlein. Initially I was embarrassed about the treatment I experienced at my former employer. Helen was reassuring and professional, I appreciate her TLC and professionalism. The outcome was more than I expected in the end.


Sam was a beacon of hope after I was abruptly terminated from my former employer in a less than scrupulous manor.
Not only was was he able to defend me from an unjust cause, his pragmatic and empathetic demeanor offered emotional relief to myself and my family. I am so grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Sam Schlein without reservation.


I would highly recommend Helen Robinson. She is knowledgeable, thorough, kind and understanding. Thank you!


Helen Robinson handled a very difficult and highly sensitive loss of employment situation for me. She was both professional and compassionate as she listened to my concerns and served as my mediator. I was grateful for the positive outcome and support she provided. Because of the level of confidentiality required, Helen served as both my legal counsel and confidant. When the situation came to conclusion, it was almost like losing a new best friend. Helen was also sensitive to providing great service while keeping costs very close to the estimated retainer. I plan to recommend Helen Robinson to anyone I know who finds themselves in a similar situation.


Everyone here at this law firm is extremely professional extremely knowledgeable. Always return phone calls. I would highly highly highly recommend if you want to win your case. They helped me out greatly and they can help you too.

Highly Recommended Lawyer

Samuel Schlein did a great job representing my case. He has great consultative and communication skills which allowed me an opportunity to make reasonable decisions throughout the legal process that were critical to my case. Samuel demonstrated that he is creative and able to think of solutions for complex situations. He is analytical and was able to map out processes that were key drivers in the success of my case. Most importantly, Sam’s follow up is exceptional and he has integrity.

Violation of employment agreement

I sought out the services of Sam Schlein when I was unexpectedly let go from a company that I had work tirelessly for over 18 years. The company did not adhere to the terms of my employment agreement and from the beginning Sam was sympathetic and honest. He worked hard and always had my best interest in mind while trying to get the best outcome possible. Ultimately he got a resolution that I felt comfortable with.


John Marshall was outstanding. I would highly recommend him. He was incredibly knowledgeable and professional.


Sam Schlein is a compassionate and wise attorney who will work hard for you in the name of justice. He walked with me through a very difficult time in my life and won the case for which I hired him. He offered a flat fee for his services in my situation which provided an incredible value and was worth every penny, no coupons necessary! I highly recommend Mr. Schlein and the attorneys at Marshall Forman & Schlein LLC.


After I was terminated without just cause from a career of over 18 years, Sam Schlein represented me in my appeal hearing with ODJFS. Sam was compassionate toward my suffering and offered sage advice concerning the unique situation in which I found myself. He knows ODJFS’s policies and hearing procedures like the back of his hand and his experience illuminated the whole process for me. He walked with me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I cannot recommend Sam Schlein enough to anyone who is in need of an employment lawyer. He will listen to you, work for you, and (most importantly) be compassionate toward your difficult situation. And, by the way, the result of the hearing was that I was “terminated without just cause” thus enabling me to receive unemployment benefits. Another win for Sam Schlein and the unjustly treated “little guy”!


I was very, very lucky to have found Ed Forman. Ed helped me understand my situation, made me feel a lot better about a very difficult time, and helped me resolve the situation with excellent results. I would absolutely recommend Ed to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Fantastic Attorney and Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend Edward Forman. He is not only a very talented attorney, but also very passionate and dedicated to his cases and the clients he serves. He handled my employment discrimination case and was very timely with all matters and attentive to all my questions and concerns. Additionally, he was very sensitive to a topic of discrimination that was very personal and difficult for me. He was very knowledgable and able to explain all legal matters to me in layman’s terms, walking me through each step of the process. Furthermore, the case outcome and final settlement greatly exceeded my expectations going into the case. I recommend him and his law firm to all those experiencing employment discrimination and civil rights issues.


Attorney Ed Forman did an awesome job representing me as a client and understanding the importance of my case. Employment discrimination is never fun, but you can count on Ed to work diligently until satisfactory results are achieved. Honesty is very important when such cases present themselves and Ed was very honest about the results and outcome of this case. It help me tremendously and I would recommend Ed to anyone needing representation in a split second. Thanks again Ed!

Labor and Employment

I was terminated from not just my job but my career of over 20 years without just cause. Initially, I was awarded unemployment benefits and then, after an appeal from my employer, that determination was overturned and Sam Schlein stepped into the breach to represent me during a hearing before ODJFS to re-determine my eligibility for benefits. Mr. Schlein went above and beyond what I expected and the outcome of the hearing was in my favor.


Executives throughout the Columbus area know that there’s only one law firm to contact for employment law issues, and that’s Marshall


Sam was diligent with our case from beginning to end and always kept us informed. He was extremely knowledgeable in any aspect of our Employment/Labor case and always looked out for our best interests. Our case ended positively and we couldn’t have asked for better or more professional representation.


Sam Schlein is absolutely wonderful! He kept me updated through the entire process and answered every question I had in a very timely manner. He is also a very kind and caring person. I feel I have made a new friend. Thank you Sam for all your hard work and for putting up with me and all my concerns. You do great work! Can’t thank you enough.
Thank you also very much Mr. Marshall for your kindness, taking my case and making me feel more at ease.
I would highly recommend your firm to anyone! Great Results!


Mr. Samuel Schlein is an outstanding attorney, who is highly responsive and consistently gets results. I was referred to Sam when I needed a skilled employment lawyer for a difficult situation. I had never been through anything similar, so I was unsure what to do, or how to deal with the situation. Luckily, Sam was there to help.
He is intelligent, experienced and compassionate. He listened closely to the issues, then outlined options and provided his recommendations for a favorable outcome. He was enormously helpful every step of the way – especially during the most stressful, trying times. The outcome was better than I anticipated. I am eternally grateful for Sam’s work on my behalf.
He is a stand-out attorney; one of the best lawyers in the state.

Battle Tested

Mr. Marshall represented me in a civil action against a nationally known company with unlimited resources. It was an uphill battle but Mr. Marshall never backed off the attack. He was never intimidated. His legal expertise was impressive! He was always approachable and patiently answered my many questions about legal proceedings until I was satisfied. As a physician, I know how important it is for people to understand all their options when facing difficult situations. Mr. Marshall made me feel comfortable and well informed about my legal decisions in this action. The matter was resolved to my satisfaction and I was very pleased with his work. I highly recommend him and would not hesitate to use his services again.


To say that I got lucky in finding Ed Forman is an understatement. I was in a situation that I had never been in before and did not know where to turn or what to do. Not only did Ed truly listen, he also understood what I was going through emotionally. He was encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process. He is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in his profession but beyond that he is personable. You don’t feel as though you are alone. My advice to anyone who is looking for an attorney to represent them in employment law and civil rights – Ed should be your first phone call.

Highly Recommend

John Marshall came very highly recommended to me when I needed the services of an employment lawyer. I had already known of his stellar reputation in this field. I can attest to the fact he totally lives up to this reputation. He surpassed all of my expectations. Drawing on his many years of legal experience, he provided sound, practical advice, and helped me navigate the process in a professional, thoughtful, and compassionate way. I felt so fortunate to have John as my advocate. He was always very approachable and tremendously responsive to my questions. He moved the process along in an extremely timely fashion, and the matter was successfully resolved. I am immeasurably grateful for the guidance John provided throughout the process. I would very highly recommend John to anyone.


I met with Ed at a devastating point in my life. That feeling was short lived after our first meeting. He made me feel like a we could conquer the world when he accepted my case. From day one he was extremely knowledgeable of the laws, very professional, compassionate and his integrity was apparent in the way he presented himself. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have Ed Forman represent me. Not only did he win my case but I got the justice that he demanded I get. I would recommend to anyone seeking an attorney in a Civil Rights or Employment law case, call Ed Forman before anyone else!

Statewide Settlement

Mr. Marshall represented me in a class action suit and settled out of court. Although I never met him in person, it is commendable to settle out of court in a timely manner; this credits him in two ways….he knew he represented persons who had been wronged, and he was able to distribute the settlement within months instead of years. For those reasons I gave him a five star rating.


It has been nice working with this firm thus far. Getting guidance and straight answers on how to resolve or maneuver through unfortunate situations has been nice.


Mr. Forman has an excellent record as a civil rights lawyer. For the past 10 years, I have referred any civil rights work that comes through my office to Mr. Forman. Not only have my referrals all been thoroughly impressed with his skills, Mr. Forman has routinely kept me in the loop as much as his clients. I truly appreciate all of his hard work. I would not hesitate to make referrals to Mr. Forman in the future.

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