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  • Consummate Professional!

    Sam was a beacon of hope after I was abruptly terminated from my former employer in a less than scrupulous manor.
    Not only was was he able to defend me from an unjust cause, his pragmatic and empathetic demeanor offered emotional relief to myself and my family. I am so grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Sam Schlein without reservation.


  • Professional and Compassionate

    Helen Robinson handled a very difficult and highly sensitive loss of employment situation for me. She was both professional and compassionate as she listened to my concerns and served as my mediator. I was grateful for the positive outcome and support she provided. Because of the level of confidentiality required, Helen served as both my legal counsel and confidant. When the situation came to conclusion, it was almost like losing a new best friend. Helen was also sensitive to providing great service while keeping costs very close to the estimated retainer. I plan to recommend Helen Robinson to anyone I know who finds themselves in a similar situation.


  • Extremely professional extremely knowledgeable

    Everyone here at this law firm is extremely professional extremely knowledgeable. Always return phone calls. I would highly highly highly recommend if you want to win your case. They helped me out greatly and they can help you too.


  • Joe Holbrook

    Sam Schlein is a compassionate and wise attorney who will work hard for you in the name of justice. He walked with me through a very difficult time in my life and won the case for which I hired him. He offered a flat fee for his services in my situation which provided an incredible value and was worth every penny, no coupons necessary! I highly recommend Mr. Schlein and the attorneys at Marshall & Forman.


  • Compassionate Wisdom

    After I was terminated without just cause from a career of over 18 years, Sam Schlein represented me in my appeal hearing with ODJFS. Sam was compassionate toward my suffering and offered sage advice concerning the unique situation in which I found myself. He knows ODJFS’s policies and hearing procedures like the back of his hand and his experience illuminated the whole process for me. He walked with me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I cannot recommend Sam Schlein enough to anyone who is in need of an employment lawyer. He will listen to you, work for you, and (most importantly) be compassionate toward your difficult situation. And, by the way, the result of the hearing was that I was “terminated without just cause” thus enabling me to receive unemployment benefits. Another win for Sam Schlein and the unjustly treated “little guy”!


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