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April, 2017

The Top 9 Severance Package Landmines for Employees, Part 2

This post is a part two of a discussion about the top 9 landmines employees may discovery in severance agreements.  For the first four landmines, go to  {Part…

March, 2017

The Top 9 Severance Package Landmines for Employees, Part 1

Columbus Severance Packages Lawyer Discusses Package Landmines for Employees In a previous article, [An Employee’s Guide to Severance Packages], I discussed the various types of severance packages and…

March, 2017

Retaliation in the Workplace – is it Against the Law?

It is estimated that you will spend nearly one third of your adult life at work. Because workplace success often requires you to navigate through a wide range…

November, 2016

An Employee’s Guide to Severance Packages

Columbus Severance Agreement Lawyer John Marshall Explains Severance Packages In these difficult economic times, many face the unfortunate reality of an early end to employment.  Whether expected or…

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