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Pregnancy Discrimination on the Rise in Police Departments

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November, 2017

Pregnancy Discrimination on the Rise in Police Departments

Women get pregnant every day, and many of them have full-time careers. For most women, there is no conflict between their pregnancy and the workplace. They often work…

June, 2017

Am I an Independent Contractor or am I an Employee? And am I Entitled to Overtime?

Independent Contractor or Employee? Columbus Employment Law Attorney Discusses the Differences Say you find out about an exciting job opportunity from a friend.  The new position offers higher…

May, 2017

Help! My Employer Is Stalking Me On Facebook! Privacy In The Social Media Age

Columbus Employment Lawyers at Marshall & Forman LLC Helping You in the Workplace To a certain extent, employers have always tried to monitor their employee’s conduct outside of…

May, 2017

So When is A Hostile Work Environment Illegal?

Learn About Hostile Work Environments and When They Are Considered Illegal Many people have heard the terms “hostile work environment” and “harassment” used to describe a workplace.  Although…

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